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NoBACZ Press Release

March 2023


NoBACZ Healthcare Ltd., a spin out from Cambridge University’s Department of Veterinary Medicine, is pleased to announce it has closed a £2.7m seed round led by The Yield Lab in conjunction with Innovate UK’s Combined Investor Partnership. Additional new investors include the Cambridge & Peterborough Combined Authority and several angel investors. Existing shareholders Cambridge Enterprise, Martlet Capital and the Cambridge Angels participated in this round.

Launched in 2019, NoBACZ is poised to disrupt the wound care market in animals and, downstream, in humans. The Company leverages cutting edge science to enable natural, food-grade ingredients to produce a ‘better bandage’ that covers difficult-to-treat wounds in difficult-to-dress areas of the body. The result is a range of highly differentiated, sustainable and antimicrobial liquid barrier dressings that provide unsurpassed wound coverage while reducing the need for antibiotics.

Funding from this round will see NoBACZ launch its first product aimed at solving wound protection challenges in dairy and beef cattle. The funding will also enable the expansion of the Company’s commercial and R&D teams, and the development of wound dressing solutions specific to the needs of horses and companion animals.

“Traditional bandages are often awkward to apply, become contaminated with water, detritus, and bacteria and then go to landfill or incineration,” said NoBACZ CEO, Dr. Jonathan Powell. “We wanted to change that paradigm by providing a product that was environmentally friendly and convenient to apply whilst reducing antibiotic use and improving animal welfare. NoBACZ’s liquid bandages set in wet or dry conditions, form a robust but flexible barrier, and self-degrade, negating the time-intense activity of bandage removal. We believe that the NoBACZ solution offers the ideal product-market-fit by providing a better bandage that also just so happens to be green.”


About The Yield Lab Europe

The Yield Lab Europe is an Agtech impact venture capital fund, which invests into early stage European AgriFoodTech companies to make our global food and agriculture production system more sustainable and more efficient whilst improving profitability. This includes technologies in crop production, animal health and welfare, precision agriculture, supply chain/logistics, food ingredients, supply chain, food processing and packaging. The Yield Lab Europe also runs an award-winning accelerator for earlier stage companies.


For more information, please contact:

Kym Eves email:


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Our Story

Precision Liquid Bandages (also termed barrier dressings) were invented by Drs Jonathan Powell, Nuno Faria, Carlos Bastos and Will Thom at the University of Cambridge. The IP was filed by the University and a first scientific publication followed entitled ‘Robust rapid‑setting antibacterial liquid bandages’. The value of the product was demonstrated in a proof-of-concept trial on dairy cows with the disease, digital dermatitis. This approach could address the significant impact this disease has on economic productivity in dairy farming and quality of life of the animals.

In November 2020, NoBACZ Healthcare was established by the inventors and their co-founding business partners, Liam Eves and Kym Denny Eves. The company was awarded an Innovate UK grant and drew investment from several sources including Cambridge Enterprise, Martlet Capital and a group of Angel Investors.

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