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Bastos, C.A., et al., 2020. Robust rapid-setting antibacterial liquid bandages. Scientific reports, 10(1), pp.1-8

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NoBACZ Article published

NoBACZ’s Precision Liquid Bandage is not so much an evolution as a revolution in this field.

Farming Field

NoBACZ’s mission is to bring their bespoke precision liquid bandages to market as a mainstream and widely accessible technology for veterinary animals and humans.

Our Vision

Cows in a Snowy Forest

NoBACZ’s bandages will change the way that we care for animals and humans. Our products are innovative and adaptable. And they really work. They thrive in extreme environments, from the demands of the modern dairy farm through to all-weather outdoor pursuits, every bit as much as they do in a clean hospital or home environment.

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