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NoBACZ Precision Liquid Bandage

NoBACZ’s Precision Liquid Bandage is not so much an evolution as a revolution in this field. NoBACZ’s mission is to bring this to market as a mainstream and widely accessible technology for veterinary animals and humans.

Bandaging is perhaps the most enduring intervention in animal and human healthcare. It has been around since at least the time of the ancient Egyptians with little change in design or innovation despite all the challenges the process presents, including the time required to dress a wound, the requirement of an under-dressing for protection or to aid the healing process and the potential for fouling of the bandage by water, environmental bacteria or contaminants. Unlike a conventional bandage, NoBACZ liquid bandages resist water, detritus, and microbial colonisation. Our research and development activities demonstrate that this innovative product will protect the surface extremely effectively from environmental contamination allowing nature to take its course efficiently whilst improving quality of life effectively.
The NoBACZ liquid bandage can be precisely applied to any area where it will rapidly set, forming a robust but flexible barrier. The bandage self-degrades over a few days and so avoids the necessity for removal, and it can be applied over almost any pre-applied therapeutic. It is effective not only in the dry but in the wet as well, because the liquid surfaces instantly cure (set) when contacting water.

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