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NoBACZ Healthcare

The Precision Bandaging Company
Scientific Innovation in wound management that reduces antibiotic use on farm and in veterinary practice 
Clean & Green: convenient, biodegradable cover & care liquid dressings
Embracing a One Health approach
Animal : Human : Environment

Our Technology

NoBACZ is a Wound Care Company Specialising in Sustainable, Rapid-Setting Liquid Barrier Dressings.

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Veterinary and human wound care is wasteful, unsustainable and time consuming. Change is needed to improve care, reduce waste and enhance sustainability. NoBACZ has a novel, patent-protected solution to address these issues.

An Ethical, Green, and One Health Concept

Providing an Innovative and Sustainable Healthcare Solution for Barrier
Dressings and Bandages
Improving Animal Health and Welfare Translating Veterinary Data to Human Application
Reducing Requirements for Antibiotics
Reducing Waste and the Cost of Care




Dr Jonathan Powell CEO

Over 25 years of research experience in the translation of inorganic material chemistry into clinical applications.
Director of Biomineral Research and Imaging,  Department of Veterinary Medicine, University of Cambridge.

Image by Stijn te Strake

The Future of Liquid Bandaging

The Ultimate Barrier Solution

Our Story

Precision Liquid Bandages (also termed barrier dressings) were invented by Drs Jonathan Powell, Nuno Faria, Carlos Bastos and Will Thom at the University of Cambridge. The IP was filed by the University and a first scientific publication followed entitled ‘Robust rapid‑setting antibacterial liquid bandages’(1). The value of the product was demonstrated in a proof-of-concept trial on dairy cows with the disease, digital dermatitis. This approach could address the significant impact this disease has on economic productivity in dairy farming and quality of life of the animals.

In November 2020, NoBACZ Healthcare was established by the inventors and their co-founding business partners, Liam Eves and Kym Denny Eves. The company was awarded an Innovate UK grant and drew investment from several sources including Cambridge Enterprise, Martlet Capital and a group of Angel Investors.

Our Growth

Following a successful two and quarter years of further product development, testing and use trials, NoBACZ is positioned to release its ProTechX (pronounced Pro-Tex) range of Precision Liquid Bandages, starting with ProTechX Bovine. To take forward our launch, and to continue development of other ProTechX products, NoBACZ raised a full seed round of £1.8M in equity plus £860,000 from Innovate UK. We are delighted to have the Yield Lab join us as lead investor, alongside the same investors from the pre-seed raise.

Our Innovation

NoBACZ’s Precision Liquid Bandages will change the way that we care for animals and, ultimately, humans. Our products are innovative and adaptable. They set on application and are inherently antimicrobial but are antibiotic free. The products prevent microbial ingress or biofilm formation on their surfaces, but do not leach or treat the wound. They are water resistant and do not require removing as they remove themselves over time. And they are composed of only sustainable and safe components that are all food or feed grade. They can be used over pre-applied antiseptic, such as iodine, or over pre-applied veterinary medicinal products such as topical antibiotics. Precision Liquid Bandages thrive in extreme environments, from the demands of the modern dairy farm through to all-weather outdoor pursuits, every bit as much as they do in a clean hospital or home environment.


(1)Bastos, C.A., et al., 2020. Robust rapid-setting antibacterial liquid bandages. Scientific reports, 10(1), pp.1-8

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